The vibrant, sweet, nutritious, juicy fresh strawberries that belongs to rose family.  Outer seeds skin with ripen aroma makes kids to chose this fruit instead of unhealthy food stuff.  The fan club for strawberry is wide spread all over the world.  The Anti oxidants, vitamins and micro nutrients that are stored in the fruit results in healthy life for a long run.  Botanical name of strawberry is  fragaria x ananassa.  It spreads on the straw like structure and shape of the fruit is like berry.  Now, you know why the fruit has been named as strawberry.  The short cake, pudding, milkshake, salad, ice creams, candies, jelly, jams and it can be added to some of the sweet and sour dishes for unique taste.


Vitamin B6.              4%
Vitamin C                 112%
Manganese.             27%
Iodine.                      8%
Copper.                    8%
Potassium.              6%
Magnesium.            6%
Biotin.                      5%
Omega 3 fats.        4%
Folate.                     9%
Fiber.                       28%


Tamil.                 :   Sembutrupazham
Botanical name :   Fragaria × ananassa
Hindi.                  :   Rasbhari
Malayalam.        :   ñāvalppaḻaṁ
Telugu.               :    strawbery
French.               :   Fraise


Stimulates cognitive skills or brain function

Iodine and other phytochemicals combines to form the important compounds that stimulates the nerves that are connected to the brain.  Old aged people are advised to have strawberries for good memory power.

Gastritis medicine

Strawberry has been proved that it works as a medicine for gastritis caused by in time food intake, drinking alcohol, prone to viral and bacterial infection, stress, eating too much of spicy foods and high fat items during the night time. Low acid content filled fruit like apple, strawberry and pears are recommend to reduce this problem.

Control Diabetes

Low glycemic index in this berry makes diabetic people to have this fruit in the diet.  Diabetic people have the crave for sweets.  So, healthy sweetness in the strawberry makes them happy to have this fruit.

Reduces cholesterol levels

High fiber content, antioxidant, flavonoids and anthocyanin merges to reduce the bad cholesterol levels in the blood thereby it protects heart from hazardous cardiovascular diseases.  It is advisable to consume strawberries either in fresh fruit or frozen form.

Heart health

Adiponectin is a hormone that decides the health of the heart.  High level of this hormone indicates a healthy heart and low level shows un wanted weight gain.  Phytonutrients enables normal blood circulation.

Cancer prevention

Esophageal cancer and other types of cancer are either prevented or reduce the power of cancer cells growth in the body.  Vitamin C, manganese, dietary fiber and phytonutrients and research are going on to prove how strawberries are doing such a great job.

Decrease  appetite and maintain stomach health

Fiber in the fruit fills the stomach after taking small amount of berries.  The same fiber promotes healthy digestion, prevent constipation, infection in the stomach and stomach ulcer.  Obesity is a disease that spreads widely in many parts of the world and to control this disease strawberries are added in the diet.


Red berries for skin

For bright complexion, clear skin, acne and UV rays prevention, crush three to four strawberries in a bowl and filter with muslin cloth to extract the juice. Apply three to four times in a week on your face cold water after 15 minutes.  This face pack will fetch you good results.

Another face pack is blending the juice of red berries with thick and creamy milk and dab it on the face as a pack and leave it for few minutes and then wash off with cool water.  You will feel the tighten soft and shinny skin.

Whiter teeth

Yellow shades on the teeth can be removed by rubbing the flesh of strawberries on every teeth and then rinse it off after few minutes.  Using baking soda with the flesh is optional one.  It is not an instant remedy but it stays for a long time.

Puffy eyes

Lack of sleep, stress and tiredness are the main reasons of puffy eyes.  Cut the Berry into two and place it on the eyes.  Leave it for few minutes.  The result is a reduced puffy eyes and fresh mind.

Crack free foot

Rub the salt mixed with coconut oil combined with six to seven strawberries juice.  Allow the juice to dry for few minutes.  Wash off with lukeworm water for good results.

Strawberries for hair


Mix the egg yolk with juice of strawberries and apply it on the scalp.  Leave this conditioner for few minutes.  Rinse it off with herbal shampoo that gives soft, shinny, thick and long hair.

Strong hair.

Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6 and other hormones supported nutrition supply the essential vitamins and minerals to the hair follicles.  In turn, it produces healthy and strong hair.


Whenever we are decided to shop for strawberry, what we look is taste, aroma and color.  It is impossible to taste the fruit that is finely packed but, in some areas they sell fruits without packaging that gives a chance to stimulate  the tastebuds.  On top of the fruit a fresh green leaves helps to pack the freshness of vitamin C.  The smell which is an indicator to decide the juicy ones.  Bright red color with tender flesh and absence of water, spoiled and wrinkled fruit in the box is a good one for fresh consumption.  To get all the nutrients observed by the body, eat it as soon as possible.